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     It was 1914 when the Zentek family first opened their farm in a very rural Cheshire, Connecticut.  

     For 65 years the farm prospered and in 1972, Zentek Farms began raising plants and vegetables.   Today, we proudly continue the tradition as an exceptional supplier of wholesale potted plants, hanging potted flowers and vegetables.  

     Throughout New England, New Jersey, New York and Long Island, we reliably deliver healthy, robust plants to retail outlets, nurseries, plant and garden centers.  Our

'easy to unload' cart system makes product transfer simple and efficient.  Every aspect of our business involves our personal attention.  The entire process from the first planting and watering, the daily hands-on care by our growers, all the way to shipping and accounting is marked with a personal sense of commitment and dedication.  


     Our indoor growing capability includes an impressive

5 acres of covered and open-sided greenhouses enclosing thousands of flats of annuals and 10" hanging baskets and plants.  We farm 65 acres. 

     It's the reason Zentek Farms has remained in business since 1914.  106 YEARS and still GROWING!!

Photo circa 1924, Paul's Grandparents who came from Poland and established the farm in 1914.  His Grandfather Pawel (Paul), his Grandmother Aniela known as "Nellie".  Standing in the truck is Paul's Dad, Michael and his Aunt Stavia known as "Stella".  Sitting, is his Auntie Annie, Uncle Frankie on her lap, Uncle Joe and Uncle Stanley who just passed away October 25, 2014 at 94 years.  Standing along side of the truck is Johnny Jacobs a cousin.  Future kids not yet born are Helen, Mary, Paul and Louise.

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325 Higgins Road

Cheshire, CT 06410



Fax: 203-250-9190

zentek farms